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END OF TAX SEASON DEALS  - Ends Midnight on May 11, 2021


Corporate Tax - T2 Return Training

College/University & CPA courses offered in the area of corporate tax are often confusing for students. Our course breaks it down into concepts that can easily be understood and applied directly to the preparation of T2 Corporate returns for the majority of owner managed companies and small businesses.

- 15 hours of online video training with student questions answered

Regularly Priced at $ 399 --- Now only $ 189

A Complex System - Simplified!

This is a critical course covering Investment Income in corporations that every tax practitioner must understand. The Introductory corporate tax course covered the basics. This course goes in-depth on essential concepts. Real-world scenarios are provided along with detailed examples of form preparation for investment income

- 9 hours of online video training

Regularly Priced at $ 399 --- Now only $ 199

Intensive T2 Preparation Masterclass

Great for accountants or those having some knowledge or experience with corporate tax concepts and would like a real world overview of corporate tax. We review the step-by-step preparation process for T2 returns and dive more deeply into investment income earned in corporations. Also examined are the current CRA audit and review initiatives in the small business corporate tax realm.

- 5.5 hours of online video training

Regularly Priced at $ 249 --- Now only $ 99

Vital to Any Tax Practitioner

By far the most important aspect of running a tax practice dealing with small business clients and corporations is owner-manager tax and compensation planning. This course focuses on teaching you the core concepts, tax tips and traps when dealing with salary and dividend planning for corporate clients

- 13 hours of online video training

Regularly Priced at $ 399 --- Now only $ 149

Often Overlooked Training, Yet Critical

Often given a back seat in most tax education programs, the GST/HST course covers the critical elements of understanding retail sales tax legislation including step-by-step lessons on how to file returns. We also look at ways to review GST/HST numbers and also how to deal with common CRA problems & client situations

- 10 hours of online video training with student questions answered

Regularly Priced at $ 299 --- Now only $ 129


Understanding the inherent risk in running a tax practice and how to minize it

Running a tax practice dealing with personal & corporate tax matters can be quite challenging. This course review the risk areas of tax along with strategies on how to minimize risk in dealing with clients & the CRA. This is a critical course for those wishing to offer both personal and corporate tax services

- 8 hours of online video tutorials

Regularly Priced at $ 299 --- Now only $ 189

Performing Compilation Engagements & Understanding Client Information

Many small practitioners will only be dealing with small businesses and compilation engagements. This course guides you through the myriad of ways you will receive the info and documentation from clients. Also covered are the new CSRS 4200 standards and how to implement them in your practice

- 10+ hours of online video tutorials

Regularly Priced at $ 399 --- Now only $ 199

Why Choose Canadian Tax Academy? 

Instructor has over 20 years of public practice experience, has prepared thousands of personal and corporate tax returns and trained students and staff in professional CPA firms


Courses focus on the practical side of preparing tax returns. Most students have studied the theory but don’t have any experience preparing actual tax returns. Our courses focus on teaching the tax law in easy to understand language AND the practical application of actually doing tax work and tax return preparation

All the course content is delivered via online video tutorials that can be accessed anytime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no physical classes to attend.

The courses are delivered in bite-sized tutorials so when you do come back for a refresher, it will be easy to scroll through the material to find what you're looking for. No tedious fast forwarding or rewinding of long videos.


General questions on course material can be asked within most of the courses and will be answered by the instructor (not applicable to intermediate courses). Also included are all the questions asked by enrolled students and the related instructor answers. This means the course is a growing knowledge base and many of your questions may have already been answered. These are accessible under every tutorial


Actual examples of tax returns done with professional software (Intuit Profile used in all courses). This means that you not only learn the rules and theory, but you can actually see how it applies to real-world tax returns. Included in the course is a free fully-functional student version of Intuit Profile professional tax software. You will be able to register with Intuit to download your copy.


The courses are jam packed with real world examples and personal tips on how to deal with situations, clients and what to expect from the Canada Revenue Agency. If you are looking to get into public practice, our courses make sure you hit the ground running


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