Many practitioners are asked to provide payroll services to their small business clients but don't know where to begin. Others wish to supplement their practice's income with a payroll service which also serves as a great way to get additional corporate and personal tax return business. That being said, many new practitioners don't know where to begin. Well, that is what this, and upcoming, Skill Snack seminars is all about. Setting up, administering and delivering a payroll service to clients.

In this second instalment in the payroll services Skill Snack series, we examine the statutory and legal obligations all employer must meet in their businesses. A detailed look at CPP and EI provides you with the rules and who is eligible for certain exemptions. Also reviewed are the rules and administration of vacation pay and a primer on the issue of severance.

A new client walks in the door and wants to switch accountants and have you do their work going forward? Do you just take them on without asking any questions? Do you provide them with a fee right away?  In this seminar I will show you why the answer should be "No" to both of these questions. I will also provide a very useful and powerful spreadsheet checklist to help you quantify the risk and apply a multiplier to your regular fees.

If you are starting a career in tax preparation then one of the most critical decisions  you will have to make as a business owner is how much to charge for doing personal and corporate tax work. If you charge too much, you will lose valuable business ... if you don't charge enough, you will risk working for little money and burning out in no time. Let me provide you with some advice and factors to consider when pricing your services

If you are, or deal with, a non-resident of Canada who owns property in Canada and earns rental income, then there are special reporting requirements that need to be applied. These can seem a bit overwhelming and complicated, but in this skill snack I will break it down into easy steps. I will provide you with a step-by-step reporting framework along with examples of the forms that need to be prepared and filed with the CRA.

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