Recommended Tax Training Path

Phase 1 - Personal Tax Fundamentals

Your first step is to develop your understanding of personal tax matters and preparing and filing Personal T1 returns. 

1 - Foundations

Your journey starts here. This course assumes zero or very limited tax knowledge and is an in-depth foundations course (updated annually at no extra charge once you purchase)

2 - Real World Scenarios

Start practicing using Professional tax software on actual returns. It's like working in a small tax practice - Starts from simple returns and builds in complexity. New cases and examples addaed annually

Phase 2 - Personal Tax Practice

Start expanding your skills and knowledge. If you are looking to start a career in tax preparation, these courses will provide you with critical tax practice information with additional training and examples in Personal Tax matters.

4 - Bootcamp

Put it all together in this in-depth and fast paced course with more real world examples & what-if scenarios. Look over the shoulder of a tax pro as we prepare T1 returns covering a wide spectrum of clients

3 - Tax Practice Essentials

If you are planning to prepare tax returns for clients for a fee or planning to work in public practice, this course focuses on the process of efficient & accurate T1 preparation and what you can expect.

Phase 3 - GST/HST Returns & Filing

If you plan to prepare tax returns for clients, then you will also be asked to file their related GST/HST returns. This course provides you with the foundations and training necessary. Essential for both personal & corporate tax practice

5 - GST/HST is Essential

You cannot be in tax practice without having a solid grasp of the GST/HST as it applies to businesses (both personal and corporate) and non-residential rental properties.

Phase 4 - Corporate Tax Foundations

Once you have a solid grasp of personal tax, you can take the leap to the more complex but rewarding world of corporate tax. These courses focus on small business corporate tax returns and advising small business clients.

6 - T2 Tax Return Preparation

This course not only teaches you how to prepare T2 returns, but also provides the required knowledge in the Canadian corporate tax legal and tax landscape

7 - Examples - Boot Camp

Look over the shoulder in a tax practice as we take you through numerous real world examples along with the thought and planning process involved in corporate tax preparation

9 - Keep up to date
8 - Critical tax planning

The tax world is a constantly changing landscape and you cannot afford to get behind on news and changes. This monthly video newsletter gives you vital news. It also provides ongoing training in personal/corporate tax and running a smooth tax practice

Corporate tax is not just about the preparation of the T2 return. Compensation planning for owner-managers is vital to the advisory of our small business clients. This in-depth course will take you through the essential planning 

Annual All Course Membership

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Annual All Access Membership

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