"The course is great, I would highly recommend. The lectures are well constructed, organized and to the point. Ian is an excellent instructor and responds to questions asap.


I paid a fair bit of money for a different course through one of the major tax organizations and I find this one better. The video lectures and course notes set you on the right path. I am 65% through the course and already have enough knowledge to start preparing returns.


I recommend downloading a trail version of profile and using it to learn as you go!"

BRENT S. - Preparing Personal Tax Returns - Introductory Course

This is a great course. I didn't know much about personal tax and never got into researching it. This course has given me a great base and honestly a good working knowledge.It has valuable information, updated with changes and new information.


I have even gotten to file peoples Taxes from this course and by doing additional readings. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn or if one wants to get themselves into the personal tax filing business. 


The biggest differentiater is: you get a year round access to a professional for advice. There is no comparative to that. Thank you so much Ian . Much appreciated!"

JAHANZEB SHEIKH  Preparing Personal Tax Returns - Introductory Course

This course is amazing. It increased my knowledge of the Canadian tax system. The instructor is very helpful. When I do start doing taxes for my clients I believe Ian's voice will be stuck in my head.

TOLUWALOPE DARE - Preparing Personal Tax Returns - Introductory Course

This course serves as an excellent introduction to Canadian taxes. The lectures and interesting and give a broad overview of the basics. I am very glad this course is available and I would highly recommend it.


SKYLA TENNYSON - Preparing Personal Tax Returns - Introductory Course

Outstanding Course. Great focus on the process of doing taxes and applying taxation law knowledge. Recommend everyone interested in doing Canadian taxes take course

LESTER HOLLEY - Preparing Tax Returns Start to Finish - Best Practices

Awesome! Ian's courses are nothing but excellent. Always impressed with his courses and detail that he goes into, if you take his course you will learn the right way.

SUSAN MARTIN - Preparing Tax Returns Start to Finish - Best Practices

I found your course very informative and a great refresher. I have over 20 experience in accounting and have my own business which includes bookkeeping and income tax. Your teaching style is like a great book i was always anxious to get to the next tutorial.


Thank you very much for taking the time to put these tutorials together and i look forward to taking new ones from your site on different topics. e


Thanks Ian for putting together this EXCELLENT course. I have taken quite a few courses on Canadian Taxes and I can attest that yours is by far the best course I have taken.

Its beautifully organized in bite size lessons; making the complex world of taxes both enjoyable and digestible. Looking forward to taking more courses in future.


I am going through your online T2 course and I must thank you for putting this together.
It is the most comprehensive training that I have come across in my 21 years of being in public practice.
I am planning to have my staff members take this course (and the T1 course), rather than me spend time teaching them.”