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Ongoing Training

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Only $59/month gets you access to all the following categories of content:


As you are aware, the tax world is in a constant state of flux and change. To be effective in our client services, it is imperative that we keep up with critical news and changes to tax law.


As a subscriber, you will not only be kept "in the know" but also be given guidance on how the new rules affect your client base.

As a subscriber you will also get access to all past issues (from September 2016) to present)  


Every month a training session will be released covering a wide range of personal and corporate tax topics (as well as other tax areas such as CPP, EI, GST/HST, etc.)

These courses are eventually offered as Canadian Tax Academy courses. You get them ahead of time as we examine the  topics on monthly


The T1 Masterclass is a new series that started in September 2018. Each month, we take a more detailed look at topics in personal tax issues and T1 tax return preparation. Think of this series as an ongoing Intermediate Tax course that keeps growing and growing.

We'll provide and examine form letters, spreadsheets, templates, checklists and much more!




We scour the web & various App stores to find software and web sites that help us manage our busy practices and provide us with valuable tools.


Never misplace another file, have all your documents at the click of a button and manage all your tasks right from your phone. 


There are new standards in the area of Compilation Engagements that are set to take effect for December 2021 and future year ends.

This is a two pronged series. We examine the new standards but more importantly we look at the various ways clients provide us with information and how to compile that data into a set of financial statements



Starting in January 2021, we set up our new mock corporate tax practice. Many students have asked about a corporate tax case studies course similar to the personal tax case studies course

Throughout the year we'll be looking at a number of mock clients and not only prepare their financial statements but help them deal with all matters of tax planning, financial obligations and regulatory reporting.



One of the reasons you are likely a subscriber to this newsletter is that you have recently started a tax practice or are thinking of moving into a career as a tax practitioner.

This series/course lets will save you hours of time on strategies that don't work. You'll hit the ground running with this proven methods of starting and building your firm



Once you have started your practice you will soon realize that no one has ever taught you how to run one. Consider this series/course the "Frim Manual They Don't Put in the Box"

Chock full of strategies and processes taken from the real-world. This course is developed with a number of tips and tricks and hacks I have compiled from numerous seasoned and experienced practitioners over the years that have had a huge impact on my practice.